Joy Behar Makes an UTTER FOOL of Herself on ‘The View After Running Her Foul Mouth

After Wednesday’s GOP congressional shooting, Joy Behar and her kindred liberal hosts of The View squandered no time in attempting to utilize the catastrophe to call for firearm control. Preservationist cohost Jedediah Bila, be that as it may, wasn’t having any of it.

“I do think the media hold some responsibility. I do think there is a rush to politicize,” Bila started, as indicated by Gossip Cop. “It happens on both sides. None of us is innocent. We all rush to judgment. People come together for a moment [after tragedy] and then we forget [unity]. I’m not going to have a gun control debate that second on Twitter.”

“Why isn’t it a perfect time to have a gun control debate?” Sunny Hostin hopped in. Whoopi Goldberg initially attempted to advise the ladies to remain on theme, yet she in the long run took the discussion back to weapon control. Calling attention to that a few Republicans have said that they will begin conveying weapons, Whoopi said she questions this. Watch the video below!

“As a person who owns guns and has been shot at…You run to get out of the way. You don’t stop to run and say ‘hey!’ And if you’re playing softball, you’re not carrying your gun. So what are you going to do?… That’s not the answer,” Whoopi said.

Hostin went ahead to accuse the “remiss” Virginia weapon laws for why the shooter had a firearm, and Behar concurred. The humorist cried that “if I was living in one of these states” with open-convey laws, “I could never do open transportation. I’d be excessively anxious.”

Bila, in any case, eagerly oppose this idea.

“I feel very differently about that… I’m not worried about law-abiding citizens carrying guns. They don’t make me nervous,” she stated.

This set off a level headed discussion amongst Whoopi and Bila, however the last solidly held fast.

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Joy Behar Makes an UTTER FOOL of Herself on ‘The View After Running Her Foul Mouth

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