Hillary Clinton Humiliated At Billionaire’s Wedding

Hillary Clinton was seen attending the wedding of billionaire Marc Lasry’s daughter Sophie who married Michigan Wolverines quarterback Alex Swieca.

Lasry, a very rich person who owns the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, supported Hillary’s 2016 presidential battle and furthermore got Chelsea Clinton her initially work at his organization. It appears as though he is dependably there for the Clintons. Be that as it may, unfortunately, this end of the week he couldn’t spare Hillary when she went to the wedding.

The Clintons were accompanied with at the wedding by Huma Abedin, Hillary’s best assistant. Huma Abedin came without her significant other, Anthony Weiner. At the wedding, there were numerous other unmistakable individuals like Trump’s girl Tiffany Trump, Jennifer Lopez and others.

Be that as it may, Hillary Clinton truly draws the media consideration with her terrible outfit, she was wearing some irregular muumuu-looking dress.

“That’s what happened to the Democrats ‘big tent,’ Hillary is wearing it,” one remark read. “Either that or she is not only big enough to eat hay and pull a wagon, she ate the hay and the wagon. Or perhaps she smuggled the Donald in under there. So many jokes, so little time.”

To be all the more grasping for her, Trump’s girl Tiffany was sharp looking and looked shocking as all Trump women do.

“Money can’t buy taste, can it?” read another remark. “Hillary paid how many thousands for the curtains she’s wearing. Tiff is the only one who looks elegant for a formal wedding.”

Plainly Hillary Clinton can’t be even contrasted with anybody in the Trump family with regards to brains or excellence. She lost against Trump with having the help from numerous big names and the media. Also, now she is over sparkled by the Trump women. Tiany, Ivanka, and Melania all have dazzling design sense and dependably look stunning.

Meanwhile, Hillary chooses to appears at a very rich person’s wedding wearing night robe.

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Hillary Clinton Humiliated At Billionaire’s Wedding

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