OMG! WATCH All Hell Break Loose After MSNBC Host Attacked Newt Gingrich’s Wife

“Morning Joe” on MSNBC has made a point by assaulting Trump on a daily basis. But throughout the end of the week, they extended their assaults to Trump’s dear friend Newt Gingrich. WATCH Newt’s epic reaction!

Host Joe Scarborough said that Newt is guarding Trump simply because Gingrich’s better half is being designated for an ambassadorship. Joe is making this SICK allegation in spite of truth that Newt and his better half Callista were EARLY supporters of Trump. They were with Trump since the start of the primaries, so Newt is doing this since his significant other was offered a vocation, is annoying.

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Newt brought up that if Joe Scarborough imagines that he and his better half are simply offering themselves out for positions, at that point Joe is uncovering himself to be a “whore” and a “sellout.” Joe tossed these SICK abuse at the previous Speaker of The House and his significant other, and now Newt has reacted.

From Mediaite:

Though he initially praised Mueller, Gingrich has recently been promoting the idea that the former FBI director cannot be fair and impartial in his investigation. Gingrich has championed this notion while basing it on hostility towards Trump from the political left.

On Thursday, Gingrich released a series of tweets where he slammed Mueller over the reports that Trump is facing an investigation for obstruction of justice. Gingrich called it a sign that Mueller is a member of the “deep state” determined to thwart and destroy Trump’s momentum.

OMG! WATCH All Hell Break Loose After MSNBC Host Attacked Newt Gingrich’s Wife

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