Trump Just Got Some SPECTACULAR Revenge Over Stephen Colbert

A week ago, Late Show host Stephen Colbert ended up in high temp water in the wake of making a homophobic joke about Donald Trump in which he called him a “c**k holster” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Presently, it seems that Trump is getting the last laugh…

Mad World News revealed that Colbert got a huge rude awakening the previous evening after he educated his group of onlookers that Trump had let go FBI Director James Comey.

“Huge story that just broke minutes ago, like ten minutes ago, FBI Director James Comey is fired by Trump,” Colbert stated, anticipating that his group of onlookers should boo. Rather, they wound up cheering Trump’s terminating of Comey, regrettably.

“Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight,” Colbert said as he waved his finger at the gathering of people trying to disgrace them.

This fair demonstrates what sheep liberals truly are while likewise demonstrating the fraud of the left. Liberal sheep had been molded to abhor Comey for as far back as couple of months as Democrats over and over reprimanded him for costing Hillary Clinton the decision. Nonetheless, promptly after Trump terminated Comey, the left flipped and hurried to the previous FBI executive’s safeguard.

At last, Trump has made Democrats and Colbert look idiotic!

Trump Just Got Some SPECTACULAR Revenge Over Stephen Colbert

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