Whoopi Goldberg Caught Lying on ‘The View’… Terrible!

Whoopi Goldberg does not know how to keep her mouth closed! She’s dependably the loudest despite the fact that she knows almost nothing about politics.

On ‘The View’, amid a warmed discourse over Trump’s executive orders, Whoopi was caught lying when she said that Obama never signed executive orders until his second year in office.

What? She truly made it up and thought nobody would get her out for lying!

In the announcement, Whoopi stated that Obama “didn’t do executive orders- — he didn’t do it in the beginning. He did it second year. I’m just saying.”

That was the enormous manufacture however her incoherent chatter doesn’t stop there. While attempting to blame Donald Trump for making an excess of move (God disallow a President really works, dissimilar to Obama), she said this:

“The difference in what you’re saying in terms of executive action, at least it took President Obama at least a couple of months in and this one [Donald Trump] has came in and he said, ‘we’re doing this and this, and this.’ I understand that. All presidents have these things they want to do.”

Truly, Whoopi? “This and this, and this current?” That’s so particular and genuine… not.

The Independent Journal Review indicated verification from the National Archives Federal Register that Whoopi was lying, and that Obama marked a huge number of official requests in his first year – some of them on his FIRST DAY! Truth be told, President Obama marked an aggregate of 16 official requests in his first month alone. Whoopi wasn’t just wrong, she has been totally humiliated for her nonexistent certainties. This most likely won’t prevent her from retching more misleads fit her liberal plan later on.

Thoughts? Share and leave a comment if you think that Whoopi should be fired from The View for lying!

Whoopi Goldberg Caught Lying on ‘The View’… Terrible!

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